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Upcoming Sessions in Leadership Essentials

The Leadership Essentials series is comprised of four workshop sessions geared toward giving industry professionals a competitive edge. Sessions can be attended separately or taken as a series. A 10% discount is available for attendees who enroll in all four sessions in each series, for a total of $720 for a series. 


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Workshop 1  
Using Strengths and Emotional Intelligence to Maximize Personal and Team Performance

This workshop will help emerging and current leaders understand how to use strengths and emotional intelligence to maximize performance. Specifically, it will help participants learn how to build on both personal and team strengths in leadership roles. Additionally, participants will examine emotional intelligence and learn specific ways they can improve their emotional intelligence to maximize personal and team performance. Prior to this session, all participants will need to complete the Clifton Strengthsfinder and bring their signature themes report and insight report to the workshop.


  • Identify and understand how to capitalize on personal strengths in leadership roles.

  • Understand how to use strengths to build and lead effective teams.

  • Understand the importance of personal emotional intelligence in leadership.

  • Identify specific ways to improve personal emotional intelligence and create a strategic pIan for doing so.

Next session date:  Oct. 24, 2019 


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Workshop 2  
Professional Presence for Leaders

This workshop will teach the importance and value of professional presences for leadership development. The course will discuss ways to let your professional presence shine and be recognized by others. Presence is a combination of professional appearance, confidence and communication. When done well, professional presence can be key to the perceptions of leaders.


  • Understand the power and value of professional presence.

  • Being able to identify and change your personal branding.

  • Knowing the essentials of business etiquette.

  • Understanding the essential leadership skills prioritize and perform in a team.

  • Being about to build team relationships and empower others.

Next session date: Nov. 14, 2019



Workshop 3  
Critical Communication Skills for Leaders

Exceptional leaders listen well and handle difficult conversations with grace and dignity. In this interactive workshop, experiential activities and real-life scenarios will help emerging and current leaders become more mindful listeners and learn techniques and methods that will enable them to handle difficult conversation and conflict more effectively.


  • Identify personal listening habits and style and understand the impact these habits and style has on leadership.

  • Improve active listening skills.

  • Learn skills for navigating difficult conversations and conflict effectively.

  • Practice skills and techniques in a safe environment. 

Next session date: Jan. 23, 2020



Workshop 4  
Engaging Across Cultural and Generational Differences

Successful leaders are able to work with and lead others in a culturally diverse workforce. Diversity crosses cultural, global and generational issues. This interactive workshop will provide ways to understand and collaborate with your colleagues by examining workplace flexibility, teamwork, feedback and leadership. This workshop will assist emerging and current leaders become more understanding and inclusive of cultural and generational differences as well as the methods to successfully lead in a globalized environment.


  • Understanding personal beliefs and biases.

  • Understand the important of cultural diversity and the associated benefits.

  • Identify differences and values of multiple generations.

  • Learn how to move from diversity inclusion to engagement.

  • Understand how to engage across the organization for enhanced performance.

Next session date: Feb. 2, 2020