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Kitchen Space

Studio KitchenBistro Cafe Kitchen

Competition KitchenMain Kitchen

We have multiple kitchen spaces available; including a Theatre (Studio) Kitchen, Banquet Kitchens and a Competition Kitchen. Please inquire for more specific details regarding square footage, rates and features.  

Theatre (Studio) Kitchen

Offers stakeholders the opportunity to have specialized programs in this Food Network style kitchen. Chefs can demonstrate how to properly and safely prepare and handle meat and vegetables or share other industry techniques.

Banquet & Café Kitchens

These are fully equipped for all your catering needs, cooking events and food safety programs.

Competition Kitchens

Contains a graduate and research training area with 5 stations where students can work on graduate projects. In addition, it provides a space for competitive cooking events. The remainder of the kitchen area supports catering functions and is used by outside groups to produce foods and conduct trainings.

View the rate sheet* 

Click on the picture below to see kitchen layouts and the large-scale equipment in them. 


*Industry Partners and official Kansas State University organizations may qualify for alternative room rental pricing structures
*Prices are subject to change.