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Approved Caterers

Classic Catering

A list of approved caterers for events at K-State Olathe is provided for your use. Please note that one of the vendors listed must be used for any catered event at this location. 

2018 Approved Catering List (PDF format)

Please Note:

 *All catering services will be subject to a 15% K-State Olathe building usage fee. Surcharge will be reflected in the caterer's final bill. This surcharge is necessary to help offset costs of upkeep, maintenance, overhead and administration.

*Alcohol can only be served at private events through a caterer licensed to serve alcohol. Client must notify K-State Olathe in advance if alcohol is to be served.

Beverage Service

K-State Olathe offers a variety of beverages to compliment your event. Beverages are purchased directly from K-State Olathe and charges will be included on your K-State Olathe invoice.

Beverage List

$1.50 each 
Coffee - Regular and Decaffeinated (sold by 10 cup pots)
Hot Tea (complimentary with coffee order if requested)
Assorted Sodas
Bottled Water

Iced Tea Canister (serves 20-25) - $15
Lemonade Canister (serves 20-25) - $15

If requested, water service is complimentary with a room reservation.