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Programs for Grades 6-12

This page houses a collection of resources that teachers in grades 6-12 can use to enhance the curricular needs of their programs. This resource page will contain all current and future programs developed or will be developed by K-State Olathe, and information about any student appropriate seminars, activities, education resource Web links, internships and field trip opportunities. All K-State Olathe developed resources will also be tied to the Next Generations Science Standards, or NGSS.

Veterinary Medicine Lecture Series

The K-State College of Veterinary Medicine in collaboration with K-State Olathe will offer "Careers and Cases in Veterinary Medicine" on the Olathe campus. The program is geared to high school students, but parents, teachers and the general public are invited to attend.  K-State College of Veterinary Medicine faculty will be available the day of each lecture to meet with interested students/families.

Willie and the Wacky Salad Bonanza Contest

Willie and the Salad Bonanza is a contest open to elementary, middle and high school teams, along with other K-12 community organizations such as 4-H, scouts, FFA or other teams, interested in the scientific principles surrounding plant growth. The challenge is for teams of four individuals to grow the largest amount of Melody spinach, Lacinato kale and Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce in the same container using no more than five-gallons of growing medium over a 49-day time span and document this effort.

Food Safety and Food Science Program Support

Kansas State University Olathe is providing K-12 resources for education in food safety and food science. Please contact Martha Nowak, K-12 program coordinator, at msnowak@k-state.edu for more information.

Microsoft DigiGirlz High

Microsoft DigiGirlz High is designed to dispel stereotypes of the high-tech industry by spotlighting women in the industry and encouraging high school aged girls to think about careers in technology.

One Health Summer Online Course

High school juniors and seniors can enroll in a free, non-credit, online course about One Health. The course looks at the complex interrelationships between humans and animals, humans and the environment, and animals and the environment. It also is designed to give students a taste of what will be required to take an online college-level course.


Martha Nowak

Martha Nowak

K-12 Program Coordinator