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Horticulture with an emphasis in Urban Food Systems

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Horticulture with an emphasis in Urban Food Systems at K-State Olathe focuses on sustainable agriculture, food systems project management, grant writing, horticultural science, and safe food production in an urban environment. Additionally, students will gain a solid foundation in horticultural science and food crop production while studying how the urban food system impacts economic development and provides a source of nutritious, safe food grown locally/regionally.

What kinds of careers can a graduate of this degree pursue?

This specialization will prepare professionals for management positions in not-for-profit/ for-profit organizations, greenhouse manager, university extension agents, city/county community gardens manager, urban farming, farmers markets, or farm-to-school programs. 

How flexible is the Horticulture program at K-State, and can I work full-time?

Students will be able to work full-time while enrolled in the Horticulture program and have the option to pursue two different tracks, the thesis or professional track. Each track gives students a significant amount of electives to pursue research in their interest areas. Moreover, students will able to attend classes at K-State Olathe, as well as hybrid classes in conjunction with the Manhattan campus students.   

How long will it take to complete this degree?

The majority of full-time students will complete this degree in about 2 years. A minimum of 30 semester hours of credit is required to complete the Thesis Track and 36 hours to complete the Professional Track.  

More information

Learn more about the program here, including courses and program objectives. To learn more about the admission requirements and application deadlines, contact Admissions Representative at olatheapp@k-state.edu or 913-307-7313.

Horticulture student Mike Ryan 

"I chose K-State Olathe because it allows me to seek a degree in my field from a great university without having to move my family. The facility itself is impressive, and it gives me the feeling I’m in the right place. The excellent faculty and staff are what really sets it apart. At K-State Olathe, I feel like people there really know who I am."

- Mike R.

Learn more about the Horticulture program.

Program brochure

UFS brochure

Download the brochure for this academic program (pdf format).