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KSVDL Microbial Surveillance Lab

The Microbial Surveillance Lab is a collaborative effort with the K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (KSVDL) on the university's Manhattan campus. The lab is a sponsored partnership with Merck Animal Health.

The lab on the Olathe campus will:

  • Provide diagnostic support services that meet the unique needs of our animal health industry partners
  • Create high quality student educational/training programs utilizing the specialized case load
  • Increase the regional and national visibility of the KSVDL within the animal health community (KC Animal Health Corridor).

The KSVDL and the Olathe Microbial Surveillance Lab will provide outreach connectivity to the nation and provide an excelling environment of support for the teaching and research responsibilities to the College of Veterinary Medicine and Kansas State University through value-added partnerships and an entrepreneurial business model.

  • The Microbial Surveillance Laboratory, as an operating unit of the KSVDL, is fully accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians.
  • Established to provide microbiology diagnostic support to animal health pharmaceutical / biological companies.
  • Current laboratory capabilities include microbiology culture, identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
  • Microbial Surveillance Laboratory services are provided by contract only. Routine diagnostic submissions should be directed to the KSVDL - Clinical Microbiology Laboratory in Manhattan.

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Microbial Surveillance Lab Brian Lubbers 
Joshua Maher