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1Data: Updates and Milestones


• Brittany Stahly, an undergraduate student, is working on the Assessing and Extending the Utility of Wearable Device Data for Service Animal Efficacy for U.S. Military Veterans with PTSD project.

• Master data sharing agreements were finalized. The agreement allows companies to contribute the data they choose to the 1Data platform. Companies submitting data can access the data sharing platform to plug data into the computational models and tap into the terabytes of genomic and proteomic human, companion and food animal information from major genomic databases across the world. 

• Aratana Therapeutics contributed historical clinical companion animal data to the 1Data platform as part of the master data sharing agreement.  



• One graduate student and two postdoctral fellows joined the 1Data team. New members are:

  • Hossein Amini, doctoral student in industrial engineering, Kansas State University

  • Heman Shakeri, postdoctoral fellow in electrical and computer engineering, Kansas State University

  • Jessica Kawakami, postdoctoral fellow, Wyckoff Lab, University of Missouri-Kansas City

• Gerald Wyckoff was appointed as the director for 1Data on Jan. 1, 2018. An agreement was developed with UMKC and K-State to allow 40 percent of his time to be allocated to 1Data. He is at the K-State Olathe campus on Mondays and Wednesdays and at other times as needed.

• Two graduate students have been hired.

  • Reza Mazloom, master's student in computer science, is working at K-State’s Manhattan campus with Majid Jaberi-Douraki, assistant professor of mathematics at the Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine. 

  • Josh Staley, master’s student in veterinary biomedical sciences, is working with Gerald Wyckoff at K-State Olathe.

• The 1Data system is on a server at K-State's Manhattan campus and was completed in March 2018. The system is now being populated with data, being standardized and tested with several projects.

• Data agreements are being developed for seven companies that have agreed to provide data, API access or collaborative development to the project. Additionally, conversations about data sharing and future project development are moving forward with half a dozen more companies and organizations. 

• Projects have begun on post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans and service dogs, rare diseases, diabetes and analysis of FARAD data. The project summaries above provide more detailed information about each project.

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Updates and Milestones