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Effective Strategies for Improving Supply Chain Operations

Feb. 8, 2018 | 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"Effective Strategies for Improving Supply Chain Operations" is tailored to professionals at all levels of the supply chain and in all types of industries.

Attendees will gain greater insights into the decision-making process and a deeper understanding of the supply chain, including individual components and how they work together, methods to improve communication and collaboration, and how to better meet customer needs by increasing capacity.

Workshop presentations

All presentations are in pdf format.

"Inventory Management"
Dr. David Ben-Arieh, professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, Kansas State University  

"Supply Chain Management Overview"
Richard Motilal, executive director and head of supply chain, Xfinity Mobile

"Intra- and Inter-facility Logistics"
Dr. Jessica Heier Stamm, assistant professor in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, Kansas State University  

"Reverse Logistics: Moving Forward in Reverse"
Brian Mantel, reverse logistics and refurbishment operations, Sprint

"Supply Chain Case Study"
Dr. Chwen Sheu, associate dean for academic programs, College of Business Administration, Kansas State University 

Course overview

This intense professional development course provides a broad overview of supply chain management topics for supply chain professionals. The goal is to prepare emerging leaders with a broad knowledge of individual supply chain specialty areas, how each area fits into the supply chain as a whole and their interactions.

Topics include:

• Inventory management 
• Procurement
• Logistics (warehousing and transportation)
• Reverse logistics management
• Holistic supply chain management 


8 a.m. | Registration

8:30 a.m. | Welcome

Dr. Deandra Cassone, senior professor of practice in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, K-State Olathe

Dr. Jessica Heier Stamm, assistant professor in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, Kansas State University 

8:45 a.m. | Supply Chain Overview

Richard Motilal, executive director and head of supply chain, Xfinity Mobile

Overview of the supply chain as a whole and coordination of the individual functional areas.

9:45 a.m. | Inventory Management

Dr. David Ben-Arieh, professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, Kansas State University                                                        

Session focuses on the way companies track and manage their supplies of raw materials and components needed for production, finished goods to satisfy open sales orders, and spare parts required for field service and support. This session will also include a discussion of forecasting for inventory management.

10:45 a.m. | Break

11 a.m. | Procurement
Beth Ward, senior vice president of supply chain, Hallmark

Session discusses the activities and tasks associated with sourcing, purchasing and payables that can be automated across a company’s entire supplier network. Businesses assess and manage vendor performance and leverage volume discounts and other cost-cutting measures.

Noon | Lunch

12:30 p.m. | Logistics (Warehousing and Transportation)
Dr. Jessica Heier Stamm, assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, Kansas State University 

Session provides the ways to meet and improve on-time delivery performance and customer satisfaction with the storage and delivery of product while maintaining the coordination of numerous warehouses and transportation channels.

1:30 p.m. | Reverse Logistics Management
Brian Mantel, reverse logistics and refurbishment operations, Sprint

Session focuses on reverse supply chain operations, including inspection and handling of defective or broken goods and automating claims processing with suppliers, distributors and insurance companies. 

2:30 p.m. | Break

2:45 p.m. | Supply Chain Case Study
Dr. Chwen Sheu, associate dean for academic programs, College of Business Administration, Kansas State University

Interactive session synthesizes the day’s presentations to address interactions, metrics and management of the supply chain as a whole. The goal is to reinforce key concepts presented in the previous sessions and to provide participants with an understanding of how decisions made in one functional area impact others.

 4:45 p.m. | Wrap-up and Questions

 5 p.m. | Adjourn

Featured speakers

Dee Dee Cassone

Dr. Deandra Cassone 
Senior Professor of Practice in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
K-State Olathe


Professional Experience
Dr. Deandra Cassone is an associate professor of industrial engineering on the K-State Olathe campus. Before coming to K-State, Cassone held management and subject matter expert positions at Sprint and concurrently taught as an adjunct associate professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology in the graduate systems engineering program. Prior to Sprint, she had more than seventeen years of consulting experience with Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and the military. Additionally, she served as a staff industrial engineer at Pepsi Bottling Group and a first-line supervisor at Frito-Lay. Cassone has leveraged her real-world experience at K-State Olathe by launching an engineering leadership program which focuses on targeted short courses for working engineers and scientists. Additionally, she is engaging with local companies to determine academic and industry support needs.

In her research, Cassone focuses on applied decision science. Her academic background along with her corporate and consulting experience has led to developing innovative, robust decision-making and analytical solutions to solve real-world problems. Techniques used in the development of these solutions include the application of decision science techniques in the area of multiple attribute decision making, multiple objective decision and group decision making. These decision science techniques in concert with statistical analysis, problem modeling and the breadth of industrial engineering techniques has enabled her to develop strategic and analytical models in the areas of ranking and resource allocation, product development, project management, supply chain management and data analytics. Problem modeling along with understanding and navigating the corporate environment has led to the successful implementation of these models and solutions in industry.

Academic Highlights
Cassone co-authored one book, four eBooks and five articles published by the Financial Times Press/Pearson Education. Additionally, she has co-authored three self-published books geared specifically towards using decision science and analytical techniques to solve real-world problems. Two of her books have been recognized as the Book of the Month in the Industrial and Systems Engineering magazine. Cassone has been awarded twelve patents for her solution development along with the 2011 Sprint Legends Award for innovation leadership, which is given to one employee at Sprint each year. She has also been awarded the 2014 Outstanding Teaching Commendation Award and the 2015 Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award in Global Learning at Missouri University of Science and Technology for teaching excellence in distance education.

Jessica Heier Stamm

Dr. Jessica Heier Stamm
Steve Hsu Keystone Research Faculty Scholar 
Assistant Professor in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Kansas State University


Professional Experience

Dr. Heier Stamm joined the department of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering at K-State as an assistant professor in 2010. She holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from K-State and a doctorate in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research and teaching collaborations span numerous public and private sector organizations, including Heart to Heart International, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pan American Health Organization, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Kansas Department of Agriculture, FedEx Express and BNSF Railway.

Heier Stamm’s research interests include the development of quantitative models and algorithms to design and improve humanitarian relief and public health logistics systems. In particular, she uses operations research and game theory tools to analyze systems in which decisions about system control are made in a decentralized way. This work is addressing two central research questions: (1) What is the impact on system effectiveness as a result of decentralization? and (2) How can systems be designed to mitigate adverse effects of decentralization? Answers to these questions have direct implications for designing and managing supply chain systems that support health. Heier Stamm’s group was the first to synthesize literature describing applications of game theory modeling to humanitarian operations. Her group’s work on theoretical properties of decentralized humanitarian logistics systems led to new performance bounds and coordination mechanisms for improving decentralized systems. Heier Stamm’s pedagogical research is synergistic with her disciplinary research. She aims to increase current knowledge regarding students’ understanding of and interest in ways that industrial engineering makes a difference in people’s lives. This work is paving the way for educational strategies that increase recruitment and retention for engineering students, particularly those from groups that are historically underrepresented in engineering.

Academic Highlights
Heier Stamm won the 2016 Kansas State University College of Engineering Outstanding Assistant Professor Award. Her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation’s BRIGE (Broadening Participation Research Initiation Grants in Engineering) and CNH (Coupled Natural and Human Systems) awards. In 2014, Heier Stamm was named a fellow in the NSF-funded Enabling the Next Generation of Hazards and Disasters Researchers program. This honor recognizes her group’s contributions to interdisciplinary scholarship in the area of disaster research, and the fellowship program supports the continued development of this work. The IMSE Department’s graduating seniors selected Heier Stamm as the 2013-2014 Outstanding Teacher. She was the recipient of the 2011 dissertation prize from the Transportation Science and Logistics Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) and the 2013 best doctoral thesis award from the Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute (HUMLOG Institute).



Beth Ward 

Beth Ward
Senior Vice President of Supply Chain 
Hallmark Cards Inc.


Beth Ward is senior vice president – supply chain, and a corporate officer at Hallmark Cards Inc.

In this role, Ward is responsible for global supply chain planning, manufacturing, logistics, global procurement, product integrity and supply chain technical resources.

Ward joined Hallmark in 1996 and has
served in a number of roles including
retail operations vice president for team
Walmart, facilitating the creation of
Hallmark’s new Walmart office in Bentonville, Arkansas. She also served as director – logistics services and general manager of order distribution at Hallmark’s Liberty Distribution Center. Prior to joining Hallmark, Ward worked as an industrial engineer for JC Penney.

Ward holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering from Kansas State University and a master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Kansas.

Prior to her role in Hong Kong, Ward was an active community servant in Kansas City on behalf of the United Way and the Central Exchange.


Richard Motilal


Richard Motilal
Executive Director and Head of Supply Chain
Xfinity Mobile


Richard Motilal is executive director and head of Xfinity Mobile Supply Chain at Comcast. Motilal has been in this role since January 2017 and is responsible for designing, building, and implementing a world-class supply chain organization and operations.

Motilal has more than 18 years of supply chain management, in the States and internationally. Has worked on start-up projects and re-engineering projects for companies such as JRM Services, Sprint Connect, Sprint Nextel Corp, Global Cellular, Cricket Wireless Inc., 7-Eleven Inc. and Dell Inc.

Motilal holds a bachelor of business management and Finance from Bernard M. Baruch College in New York and a Masters of Science in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management for the University of Salford Business School in Manchester, England.




Brian Mantell


Brian Mantel
Reverse Logistics and Refurbishment Operations
Sprint Corporation



Brian Mantel is currently the director of Reverse Logistics and Refurbishment Operations at Sprint (July 2015 -Present).

At Sprint, he oversees all operations related to device recovery, Buyback and Trade In, warehouse operations and the refurbishment of mobile devices between Sprint and remanufacturers.

He is considered a highly articulate supply chain professional experienced in identifying and developing sustainable process improvements and solutions that deliver significant value.

He is considered to be a strong resource on the topic of the second life model and reverse logistics operations and best practices as it relates to mobile devices.

Prior to serving as the director of Reverse Logistics, he worked as a senior manager for Reverse Logistics (November 2006 - July 2015) and manager of handset repair (June 2005 - November 2006).




 David Ben-Arieh

Dr. David Ben-Arieh
Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Kansas State University


Professional Experience
Dr. David Ben-Arieh is a professor of industrial engineering at K-State. Before coming to K-State, Ben-Arieh earned a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from Purdue University and taught in the department of industrial engineering and management at Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel. His industrial experience includes working for AT&T Bell Laboratories, consulting for the aerospace industry and working with NASA. Ben-Arieh is currently the director of the Health Care Operations Resource Center at Kansas State University and he has served as the national chair of the Human Factors SIG of the American Telemedicine Association.

In his research, Ben-Arieh focuses on mathematical modeling of biological systems. He employs various techniques such as systems dynamics, agent based modeling and systems optimization to model ecological and biological systems. He has modeled biological phenomena such as sepsis episodes and predator-prey systems. In addition, Ben-Arieh is conducting research in the area of spatial game theory, analyzing the effects of delayed information transfer and transient players’ behavior.

His research focuses mainly on applications systems design and modeling and holds one patent in this area.  In recent years, Ben-Arieh has focused on applications in Health Care Systems Management, including patients flow, information systems integration, and patient quality and safety improvements.

Academic Highlights
Ben-Arieh authored and co-authored 20 book chapters, 65 refereed journal publications and more than 130 refereed conference proceedings. Ben-Arieh’s publications resulted in more than 3500 citations and H-Index of 26 according to Google Scholar. In addition to his publications, Ben-Arieh won the Boeing Weliver Summer Faculty Fellowship, and several research grants with NASA.

He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE) and is an area editor for the Journal of Health Systems.


 Chwen Sheu

Dr. Chwen Sheu 
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Paul Edgerley Chair in Business Administration Professor
College of Business Administration
Kansas State University 


Research Goals

Chwen Sheu studies supply chain management from the aspects of globalization and business intelligence. His primary research goal is to examine and understand the influence of national differences (e.g., culture and economic development) and the use of data analytics in supply chain practices, including manufacturing sustainability, supplier management, outsourcing, supply chain risk management, etc.

Current Research and Consulting Projects

  • Current international practices of manufacturing sustainability. Examine the approaches and performance of practicing triple-bottom line in more than 600 manufacturing plants from 12 countries.

  • Supplier governance and manufacturing competitiveness. Examine the differences, between developed and emerging economies, in applying various supplier governance mechanisms for improving outsourcing performance.

  • Social media and supply chain analytics. Examine current uses and potential capabilities of social media applications within the context of several supply chain management issues, including risk management and supplier management.

  • Consulting: Centralized Supply Chain Services (CSCS), Kansas City. Examine the current food supply chain sustainability practices and trends, develop a supplier risk management framework, offer suggestions in the application of supply chain analytics.

Major Accomplishments

  • Have worked with numerous companies (CSCS, Boeing, Westar Energy, Motorola, China Mobile) in projects and training in the areas of supply chain management, project management, continuous improvement, and Theory of Contraints (TOC).

  • VP, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), Kansas City Chapter.

  • VP, Global Manufacturing Research Group (GMRG), www.gmrg.org

  • Published in Production and Operations Management Journal, Decision Sciences, Journal of Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, OMEGA, International Journal of Production Economics, IEEE Transactions - Engineering Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, Tourism Management, International Journal of Technology Management, Technovation, Computer and Industrial Engineering, Asia-Pacific Journal of Quality Management, International Journal of Quality and Reliability 

Areas of Teaching
Manufacturing Strategy, Theory of Constraints, Operations Research, Project Management, Supply Chain Management


The short course is made possible by K-State Olathe and the Colleges of Engineering and Business Administration at Kansas State University.

Mark your calendar

Feb. 8, 2018
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

K-State Olathe
22201 W. Innovation Dr.
Olathe, KS 66061