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Accelerating Health through 1Data



Learn how human and animal data sharing can transform your research.

This one-day conference focuses on a One Health approach to data sharing and brings together professionals from animal, human, and environmental health sectors to explore the ways in which data can be jointly used for mutually beneficial purposes, such as accelerating drug development, enhancing regulatory processes and decreasing animal testing. The speakers will discuss the 1Data platform for data sharing, local efforts for improving human and animal health using analytical tools and how collaboration can promote change resulting in enhancing the lives of both humans and animals.

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8:30 a.m. | Welcome

Dr. Ralph Richardson, CEO and dean, K-State Olathe

8:45 a.m. | 1Data Project History and Overview

Dr. Gerald Wyckoff, professor of molecular biology and biochemistry and 1Data project director, UMKC and K-State Olathe


9 a.m. | Keynote: Benefits of 1Data — An Animal Health Industry Perspective

Dr. Ernst Heinen, chief development officer, Aratana Therapeutics Inc.


9:30 a.m. | 1Data Platform: Operationalizing the Platform and Use Case Examples

Dr. Majid Jaberi-Douraki, assistant professor, Institute Computational Comparative Medicine, K-State         

Reza Mazloom, master’s student, computer science, K-State

Josh Staley, master’s student, veterinary biomedical sciences, K-State Olathe


10:30 a.m. | Break



10:45 a.m. | How Valid Data-Driven Decisions Improve Health Using Tools like 1Data

Human Health Example: Dr. Troy Richardson, biostatistician, Children's Hospital Association

Health Records Example: Harlen Hays, lead analytics adviser, Cerner Corporation


11:15 a.m. | Taking Ownership of Outcomes Research

Dr. Carolyn Henry, dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri


Noon | Networking Luncheon

Lunch provided on-site.

1 p.m. | How to Share and De-Risk Data

Data Agreements: Paul Lowe, associate vice president for research and director of PreAward Services, Kansas State University

De-risking Data: Josh Staley, master’s student, veterinary biomedical sciences, K-State Olathe

FARAD Example: Dr. Jim Riviere, emeritus professor, Kansas State University


2:15 p.m. | Break

2:30 p.m. | Data Sharing Back to the Point of Care

Linda Van Horn, president and CEO, iShare Medical

3 p.m. | Panel Discussion: How 1Data Can Transform Our Industry

Moderator: Jim Reviere, emeritus professor, Kansas State University

Doug Dockhorn, vice president, Global Data and Advanced Analytics, PRA Health Sciences

Dr. Ernst Heinen, chief development officer, Aratana Therapeutics Inc. 

Dr. Carolyn Henry, dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri         

Dr. Gerald Wyckoff, professor and 1Data project director, UMKC and K-State Olathe

4:15 p.m. | Closing Remarks: Data Sharing Back to the Point of Care

Dr. Gerald Wyckoff, professor of molecular biology and biochemistry and 1Data project director, UMKC and K-State Olathe



Doug DockhornDoug Dockhorn

Vice President
Global Data and Advanced Analytics
PRA Health Sciences


Doug Dockhorn serves as the vice president for Global Data and Advanced Analytics at PRA Health Sciences. He oversees the development of the global data architecture, and manages advanced analytics and data visualization. He also established a digital process automation initiative within the organization. He previously served as the CEO of Accelerated Vision Group and was the CEO, president and founder of airPharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company with a focus on respiratory diseases.


Harlen HaysHarlen Hays, MPH

Lead Analytics Advisory Consultant 
Cerner Corporation


Harlen Hays has direct management responsibility for the Quantitative Research and Biostatistics, Infectious Disease Insights, and Research Services teams within the Cerner Research organization. He serves as the Cerner Principal Investigator for the HIV Outpatient Study (HOPS) and DC Cohort Study, both large cohorts of HIV infected individuals throughout the U.S.

Additionally, he is responsible for new business opportunities and new markets through strategic leadership and partnerships.

Hays participates in client presentations as a subject matter expert concerning research utilizing the Cerner Health Facts® database as well as conducting analyses of health related databases through statistical principles.

Hays received his Master of Public Health in Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology from the University of Michigan, School of Public Health.


Ernst HeinenErnst Heinen, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Chief Development Officer
Aratana Therapeutics


Ernst Heinen has served as the chief development officer of Aratana Therapeutics since March 2014. In addition, he served as the head of Drug Evaluation and Development at Aratana from June 2012 until March 5, 2014.

From 1990 to 2012, Heinen held positions of increasing responsibility at Bayer Animal Health, the animal health division of Bayer AG, where he ultimately served as vice president of Research and Development and Veterinary Technical Services, Pets.

Heinen received a veterinary degree and a D.V.M. in veterinary microbiology from the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen Veterinary School in Giessen, Germany, and is a certified specialist in veterinary microbiology.


Carolyn HenryCarolyn Henry, D.V.M., M.S.

College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Missouri


Carolyn Henry joined the faculty of the University of Missouri in 1997 as an assistant professor of oncology, becoming the first American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine board-certified oncologist at MU.

In 2001, she received a dual appointment with the MU School of Medicine, and in 2002 she became the director of the Tom and Betty Scott Endowed Program in Veterinary Oncology. She then served as the associate director of research at the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center before being named the dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2017.

She has served on the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Board of Regents and is past president of both the Veterinary Cancer Society and the ACVIM Specialty of Oncology.

She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and her Master of Science degree at Auburn University.


Majid Jaberi-DourakiMajid Jaberi-Douraki, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine Kansas State University


Majid Jaberi-Douraki is an assistant professor of mathematical statistics in the Institute of Comparative Medicine at Kansas State University. He is also an affiliated researcher with the Johnson Cancer Research Center at Kansas State University.

Jaberi-Douraki's research focuses on the modeling of biological and epidemiological science, dynamical systems, and statistical analysis of large datasets. He is adept in categorical and quantitative data analysis, visualization and data exploitation, experimental design, and statistical power analysis.

He earned a master's degree in applied mathematics from Amirkabir University of Technology and a doctorate in biomathematics from the University of Laval in Canada.


Paul LowePaul Lowe

Associate Vice President for Research and Director
PreAward Services
Kansas State University



Paul Lowe is an authorized organizational representative for Kansas State University. He manages efforts of staff in PreAward Services to assist faculty, staff and administrators in developing, reviewing and submitting proposals and the development, review and negotiation and acceptance of contracts and agreements received for external funding to support the university's research, scholarly and creative activities and discovery.

Paul oversees r
esearch, scholarly and creative activities, and discovery, or RSCAD, subcontracting activities, electronic commerce initiatives and policy compliance and is a key contact for export control questions and issues.  

Reza MazloomReza Mazloom, M.S.

Research Assistant
Institute of Computation Comparative Medicine
Kansas State University


Reza Mazloom is a research assistant at the Institute of Computation Comparative Medicine, Kansas State University with a master’s degree in computer science. His research interests lie in the area of machine learning, computational biology, big data, bioinformatics and data mining. He is interested in the development of scalable and robust analysis approaches to big data projects challenged with high-dimensional datasets in a variety of disciplines.


Troy RichardsonTroy Richardson, Ph.D.

Children's Hospital Association


Troy Richardson is a Ph.D.-level biostatistician at Children’s Hospital Association — a non-profit association of more than 220 children’s hospitals. He has expertise in the statistical analysis of studies using large datasets containing detailed hospitalization data with the purpose of improving hospital operations and patient care. 

He currently serves as the designated biostatistician for CHA's Coordinating All Resources Effectively, or CARE, for Children with Medical Complexity award, an award from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, or CMMI, to improve care outcomes and costs for up to 8,000 children with medical complexity, or CMC.

Richardson earned his Ph.D. in statistics from Kansas State University in 2013. 


Jim RiviereJim Riviere, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Kansas State University and North Carolina State University


Jim Riviere is a distinguished professor emeritus at both Kansas State University and North Carolina State University. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine and served as editor in chief of the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics for more than 20 years.

He is an internationally known expert in pharmacokinetics and toxicology. His work focuses on developing computational models for predicting biological interactions of nanomaterials, the risk assessment of complex chemical mixtures, absorption of drugs and chemicals across skin, and the food safety and pharmacokinetics of tissue residues in food producing animals.

He was the co-founder 36 years ago of the ongoing USDA supported national Food Animal Residue Avoidance and Depletion (FARAD) program.

Riviere earned his master's degree in endocrinology with distinction from Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. He earned a D.V.M. and Ph.D. in pharmacology from Purdue University as well as an honorary D. S. from Purdue.  

Joshua StaleyJoshua Staley

1Data Graduate Research Assistant
K-State Olathe


Josh Staley is in his second year as a graduate research assistant for the 1Data Project. He graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City with a Bachelor’s of Science in biology in December of 2017 and is now in his second year in the veterinary biomedical sciences master's program at Kansas State University's Olathe campus.

On the 1Data Project, he has been an integral part in the assimilation of new data sources including human health, human genetic, animal health and animal genetic information. He has also developed and implemented several algorithms for various forms of analytics ranging from receptor-ligand docking to evolutionary genetics.


Linda Van HornLinda Van Horn, M.B.A.

Founder and CEO
iShare Medical


Linda Van Horn is a nationally recognized speaker. Her lecture topics include health information reform, health care interoperability, value-based care and evidence-based medicine. She is an active member of MGMA, HL7, DirectTrust, NATE (National Association for Trusted Exchange) and the Heath Record Banking Alliance.

The company she founded, iShare Medical, is a shared interoperable standard-based electronic medical record system that provides interoperability solutions to healthcare. It is a cradle to grave lifetime health record organized around the patient that is easily and securely shared.


Gerald WyckoffGerald J. Wyckoff, Ph.D.

Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
University of Missouri-Kansas City
1Data Project Director, Kansas State University Olathe


Gerald Wyckoff's educational background is as a molecular evolutionary geneticist, finding faint signatures of positive selection in a sea of genomic noise. This led him to become involved with large scale genomic and later proteomic projects. At the University of Missouri-Kansas City,

Wyckoff has developed collaborations with structural biology faculty, in part to extend his knowledge of how to apply large-scale screening techniques to structure-based problems. He has helped develop software applications for mass spectrometer analysis relating to analysis of divergent peptides as well as cross-linking analysis.

In addition, he has helped create databases for large scale synthesis of chemical and biological data in species as diverse as fish and humans.

His recent work has led to the development of software that is being commercialized, and he continues to try and find ways to apply his evolutionary knowledge to the problems inherent in big data drug discovery at the interface between animal and human health.

Wyckoff is the Director for the 1Data project and leads the team’s efforts to fully develop and operationalize the tool.



Collaborating for KC and Beyond

This conference is offered in partnership with BioNexus KC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing life science initiatives in the region by fostering relationships between the academic and industry. 

About 1Data

1Data is the result of a unique partnership formed between Kansas State University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, which leverages the strengths of our region to develop a platform to share human and animal health research data. 

The platform can be used by researchers, industry, health providers and community organizations to impact the drugs and technology available to help save lives and improve quality of life.