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Your Competitive Leadership Edge

Leadership Essentials is Greater Kansas City's premier leadership development programming for industry professionals looking to gain a competitive edge in their field for career advancement.

This program was developed with the KC Rising's Common Sector Competencies in mind.


About Leadership Essentials

Each Leadership Essentials series is comprised of four workshop sessions. Each workshop accommodates up to 25 in-person participants and an additional 15 participants online. Both in-person and online sessions will be highly interactive.

Sessions can be attended separately or taken as a series. 

Certificates of completion will be provided for attendees who complete all four sessions. Upon completion of this leadership essentials certificate program, attendees will be eligible to take the advanced four-part leadership program.


Target Audience

Leadership Essentials is designed for mid-level professionals at regionally-based companies and nonprofit organizations — particularly those employed in the animal health, food and agriculture sectors, however, the content is applicable to all industries and sectors. 


• Each session is $200 per person.


Session Schedule


Angela Buzard
Manager, Training and Development