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K-5 Programs

Teachers in grades K-5 can use the academic programs below to enhance their curriculum. Each program contains links for student resources and field trip opportunities. All K-State Olathe developed resources are tied to the Next Generations Science Standards, or NGSS. 

Food Safety and Science K-12 Programs and Activities

The Food Safety and Science curriculum enhancements are intended to reinforce concepts in the classroom and be applied to real-world applications. Each activity provided can be modified to meet the teachers and or student's needs in your classroom. Programs cover water systems, water filtration and zoonotic diseases. 

Willie and the Wacky Salad Bonanza Contest

Willie and the Salad Bonanza is a contest open to elementary, middle and high school teams, along with other K-12 community organizations such as 4-H, scouts, FFA or other teams, interested in the scientific principles surrounding plant growth. The challenge is for teams of four individuals to grow the largest amount of Melody spinach, Lacinato kale and Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce in the same container using no more than five-gallons of growing medium over a 49-day time span and document this effort.


Martha Nowak

Martha Nowak

K-12 Program Coordinator