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K-5 Food Safety and Science Programs and Activities

The Food Safety and Science curriculum enhancements are intended to reinforce concepts in the classroom and be applied to real-world applications. Each activity provided can be modified to meet the teachers and or student’s needs in your classroom. The staff at K-State Olathe can tailor these topics into two to three lab modules lasting 15 minutes each, or expanded to fill a 40-45 minute time frame.

Let K-State Olathe help you meet your educational needs with the following programs:

Where Do We Get Our Drinking Water?

Grades K-2

Includes a teacher demonstration of the water cycle, constructing a mini-watershed project and a lab showing how contaminants and disease can be prevented from entering the water supply.

Grades 3-5

Using maps of the United States, students will discover that river sources of drinking water for major cities come from great distances and that contamination can occur from a location displaced far away from that city. Through a lab format, students will gain a better understanding of how waterborne disease from one area may be spread to another. Students will then understand why water is monitored locally and is regulated federally by government agencies.

Water Filtration Lab

Students will build homemade water filters from 2-liter pop bottles and filtering materials. They will visually compare filtered and unfiltered water, and will learn about Zoonotic disease — diseases that can be transferred from animals to humans — and zoonotic pathogens that can be transmitted in untreated water, such as giardia, leptospirosis and E. coli.

Zoonosis and You

Students will explore how to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases from their pets and how to reduce the chance of foodborne illness after a visit to the grocery store. 

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