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Find data and metrics about K-State Olathe's K-12 programs in the Greater Kansas City area as well as forms and additional education resources for K-12 teachers.

Impacts on K-12 education

See breakdowns of how K-State Olathe is positiving affecting K-12 education in the Greater Kansas City area. Each report is a PDF file. 

2015-2016 metrics

• 2014-2015 metrics

2013-2014 metrics

Video series

K-State Olathe offers a comprehensive archive of STEM-related lecture series hosted at the campus as well as videos about impacts on K-12. 

2016 lectures

2015 lectures

Watch the 2015 Careers and Cases in Veterinary Medicine lecture series.

2014 lectures

Lectures in 2014 focused on careers in veterinary medicine and physics. See the speaker and topic list.

2013 lectures

Lectures in 2013 focused on life sciences, careers in veterinary medicine and physics from K-State experts. See the speaker and topic list.  

Participant waiver form

Each participant under the age of 18 must have a completed consent form a parent or guardian prior to an event. The forms include a photo release clause. Download the form. 


An internship can provide a unique and rich experience for students in meeting their academic and career goals. Apply today.  


Martha Nowak

Martha Nowak

K-12 Program Coordinator