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Grades 6-12 Food Safety and Science Programs

The Food Safety and Science curriculum enhancements are intended to reinforce concepts in the classroom and be applied to real-world applications. Each activity provided can be modified to meet the teachers and or student’s needs in your classroom. The staff at K-State Olathe can tailor these topics into two to three lab modules lasting 15 minutes each, or expanded to fill a 40-45 minute time frame. 

Let K-State Olathe help you meet your educational needs with the following programs:

Programs Offered for Grades 6-8 

Where Do We Get Our Drinking Water?

Students will create a miniature water cycle to understand how important the water cycle is for drinking water sources, and explore how contaminants and disease are spread in a waterborne fashion. Two activities are suggested to follow this lab:

• A scavenger hunt conducted as a team activity to reinforce new terms about zoonosis

• A map activity to show the major watersheds in the U.S.

Water Filtration Lab

Students will focus on design of filters and current issues in hydrology.

Zoonosis and You

The Cole Slaw Culprit lab will allow students to do a CSI style investigation and determine the source of contaminants in a kitchen. Afterward, a scavenger hunt will be conducted as a team activity to reinforce new terms about zoonosis.  

Programs Offered for Grades 9-12

The One Health Concept

A 20-minute PowerPoint presentation looks at medicine in the 1860s and now. The medicinal use of plants native to Kansas along with common zoonotic diseases will be explored.

Facility Tours

Find out why K-State Olathe is a LEED Silver certified building. Then tour our research labs that specialize in food safety, antimicrobial resistance, biological and agricultural engineering, and urban food systems as well as talk with the researchers about their project.

Foodborne Illness

A PowerPoint introduction of various foodborne illnesses is followed by a lab activity to trace the contamination of the whole dish back to a single ingredient.

Veterinary Medicine Lectures

Visit our campus to for a one-hour lecture by a veterinarian and discover their varied impacts on the animal health industry. Get more information and see videos of past lectures. 

Our Immune System and How Vaccines Work

This is an interactive, foldable activity that introduces terms such as pathogen, macrophage, B-cell, T-cell, antigen and antibody.  

Request a Presentation

Contact Martha Nowak, K-12 program coordinator, atmsnowak@k-state.edu or