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Careers and Cases in Veterinary Medicine

In the animal health and nutrition industry, the Greater Kansas City area is the national leader. The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, which stretches from Manhattan, Kansas, to Columbia, Missouri, accounts for one-third of the nation's $19 billion global animal health market. Companies and universities in this area lead the nation in animal health and nutrition research, innovation, business functions and production.

Training the future workforce for this industry begins with our students. While the Vet Med Series is geared to high school students, parents, teachers and the general public are encouraged to attend. K-State College of Veterinary Medicine faculty will be available the day of each lecture to meet with interested students and families.  

Current Series

Sept. 25, 2019: 
Zoonotic arboviruses recently introduced into North America | Dr. Dana Vanlandingham

Oct. 23, 2019: 
Veterinarians and the evolution of animal welfare | Dr. Brad Crauer

Nov. 13, 2019: 
What is studied in infectious disease epidemiology? | Dr. Victoriya Volkova

March 25, 2020: 
Common internal and external parasites in cats and dogs that might just gross you out | Dr. Susan Nelson

April 15, 2020:
Thinking like a cat inside and outside of the box | Dr. Neala Boyer

May 20, 2020: 
Emerging zoonotic diseases | Dr. Bonto Faburay

YouTube Archive of Previous Presentations


Time and Location

All lecture series are from
3:30 - 4:30 p.m. at K-State Olathe, 22201 W. Innovation Drive.