One Health Educational Resources

One Health describes the complex interrelationships between humans and animals, humans and the environment, and animals and the environment.

Several years ago, Kansas State University and the Kansas Health Foundation formed the One Health Kansas initiative. Through it, marketing materials were developed to promote and teach Kansans about One Health concepts. Materials and activities also were developed, and continue to be updated, for K-12 teachers to use in the classroom to introduce the concept of One Health.

A sample of what is available is listed below.

One Health Kansas

One Health Kansas was established through a $2.2 million dollar grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, which ran from 2008-2012. The grant's main objective was to educate the public through outreach about the concept that all three perspectives should be involved in the decsion-making process to solve problems in today's world.

The primary investigators for that grant were:

Beth Montelone, Ph.D., senior associate vice president for research and professor of biology in the College of Arts and Sciences, Kansas State University

Lisa Freeman, Ph.D., acting president of Northern Illinois University, formerly at K-State Olathe

Additional resources

Looking for more educational resources? Check out the One Health Commission's One Health Educational Resources page.


Martha Nowak
K-12 Program Coordinator