School Counseling Curriculum

Become a skilled and nimble school counselor with a curriculum that equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to help students navigate the numerous milestones they experience throughout K-12.

Curriculum – 48 credit hours

Core Requirements (27 credit hours)

  • EDCEP 810 – Mental Health in Schools
  • EDCEP 822 – Counseling Adolescents (online)
  • EDCEP 823 – Counseling Theory
  • EDCEP 852 – Career Development for School Counselors
  • EDCEP 856 – Counseling Children
  • EDCEP 857 – Counseling Program Management
  • EDCEP 871 – Leadership, Advocacy and Consultation for Counselors (online)
  • EDCEP 824 – Development Across the Lifespan for School Counselors (online)
  • EDCEP 951 – Multicultural Counseling (online)

Research and Appraisal Requirements (9 credit hours)

  • EDCEP 715 – Principles of Assessment
  • EDCEP 815 – Using Tests in Counseling
  • EDCEP 816 – Research Methods in Education (online or on-campus)

Clinical Requirements (12 credit hours)

  • EDCEP 858 – Group Processes
  • EDCEP 877 – Practicum in Counseling
  • EDCEP 887 – Counseling Internship - elementary and secondary level
    (6 credit hours total over 2 semesters)


Visit K-State's current graduate course catalog for descriptions of each course and to find whether a course is offered during a particular semester.


Curriculum and Program Objectives

The program's curriculum is designed to equip future school counselors and current teachers with the knowledge and tools that will help them navigate the numerous milestones that students often experience throughout their K-12 career.



A professional portfolio is developed during the program and submitted for final review during the final semester of one's program. A master's comprehensive written exam is completed during the final semester of one's program.

A portfolio rubric and format guidelines are provided throughout coursework.