Admissions Guide

Admissions Checklist

1. Completed Graduate School Application

Complete the Graduate School application.

2. Application Fee
$65 for U.S. domestic students

The following documents must be uploaded into the online application system:

  1. Unofficial Transcripts
    You must upload an unofficial copy of the transcript from your bachelors degree – granting institution as well as transcripts from all post baccalaureate coursework or degrees. If you are admitted, you will be required to submit an official transcript from each institution where you completed a degree or completed postbaccalaureate work.

  2. Current Resume

  3. Professional History and Goal Statement
    This document should be typewritten, double spaced, and no more than 10 pages long. It should include the following components:
    • Your contribution to and experience in adult learning and leadership or another field of educational practice.
    • Your contribution to scholarship to adult learning and leadership or another field of educational practice
    • Your goals and reasons for pursuing the doctoral degree and how you foresee the degree contributing to your professional goals and contribution to the field.
    • Research topic, if known, and preference for a major professor (if known)
  4. Writing Sample
    Select one of the articles below and prepare a typewritten, double-spaced, five-page essay which (1) summarizes the key points of the article; (2) analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the research; (3) discusses if the author's conclusions are supported by the research, and sources included; (4) identifies the implications of the work for the field of adult education.
    In addition to reviewing the content of each applicant's response, the criteria used to evaluate the essay will cover (1) the thesis focus (originality and clarity); (2) the organization of the essay and thought process; (3) supporting reasons (ideas and details); (4) appropriate APA style; (5) documentation of other(6) audience awareness; (7) sentence (sentence diction/syntax/tone/voice) and writing (grammar/spelling/usage/ punctuation) conventions; and (8) overall presentation.
    • Erickson, D.M. (2007). A developmental re-forming of the phases of meaning in transformational learning. Adult Education Quarterly, 58(1), 61-80.
    • Kasworm, C. (2010). Adult learners in a research university: Negotiating undergraduate student identity. Adult Education Quarterly, 60(2), 143-160.
    • Niewolny, K.L., & Wilson, A.L. (2009). What happened to the promise? A critical (re)orientation of two sociocultural learning traditions. Adult Education Quarterly, 60(1), 26- 45.
    • Ponton, M.K., Derrick, M.G., & Carr, P.B. (2005). The relationship between resourcefulness and persistence in adult autonomous learning. Adult Education Quarterly, 55(2), 116-128.
    • Zacharakis, J., & Flora, J. (2005). Riverside: A case study of social capital and cultural reproduction and their relationship to leadership development. Adult Education Quarterly, 55(4), 288-307
  5. Professional Recommendations
    Three letters of recommendation are needed from college or university educators and/or colleagues or supervisors who are qualified to address your professional skill and your potential for success in the graduate program. Enter the names and email addresses of the recommenders into the appropriate area in the online application.

The Review Process

  • First the applicant completes the online graduate application. This includes paying the application fee and uploading all additional documentation that is required.
  • Second, once the online application has been completed and all needed additional documentation has been provided, the graduate program to which the student is applying will review the application and make an admission recommendation to the Graduate School.
  • Third, the Graduate School reviews the application and the recommendation from the department. The Graduate School then sends an official decision letter to the applicant.

Application Deadlines

  • March 1 for fall enrollment
  • Oct. 1 for spring enrollment


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