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Professional Science Master in Applied Science and Technology degree

Program Overview

A Professional Science Master's degree, or PSM, is an industry-focused graduate program designed for students to pursue advanced training in the sciences, while simultaneously developing professional skills highly valued by employers.

The Kansas State University Olathe PSM degree focuses on animal health, food safety and security.

Program Features:

• Practical, real-world application and in-demand business skills for career advancement. 

• A unique professional program designed to prepare students for direct entry into a variety of science-related career options in industry, business, government and nonprofit organizations. Graduates are equipped with skills that will help them progress into leadership roles.

• Cross-disciplinary education. The science-related courses focus on animal health, food safety and security. Content areas include animal science, food science, horticulture, consumer science, veterinary biomedical sciences, leadership and management. Courses in the program include informatics and technology management, agricultural engineering, biostatistics and managerial finance.

• Short completion time. It typically takes two years to earn a degree. 

• Access to the industry mentor program. PSM students also have the opportunity to have a faculty mentor and, for those doing an internship,
an internship mentor, arranged through their academic advisor.


Webinar | Dec. 5

Noon to 12:30 p.m.

Spend part of the lunch hour getting an in-depth look at the professional science master's degree program from your computer. Questions are welcome. Attend the webinar and receive an application fee waiver to the K-State Graduate School (valued at $65). | Register now

Career Outcomes

PSM graduates work in a broad range of career fields, including STEM industries related to animal health, food science, consumer science, biomedical sciences, informatics and technology, engineering, communications, public policy and business. 

Graduates often serve in leadership positions in their business, unit or lab. 

• A survey from the Council of Graduate Schools finds that the real-world experiences and internships gained by PSM graduates make them highly marketable to employers. 

• According to a survey (pdf) by the the Council of Graduate Schools, 78 percent of respondents who graduated during the 2011-2012 academic year were employed within 12 months of receiving their PSM degree. Data showed that 90 percent of those employed were working in a job that is closely or somewhat related to their field of study, with the typical graduate reporting earning more than $50,000 a year.

• A 2013 survey by the Council of Graduate Schools reported that 83 percent of 2012-13 PSM graduates were "very satisfied or generally satisfied" with the distinctive nature/reputation of the program. Additionally, 82 percent were "very satisfied or generally satisfied" with the quality of their non-scientific and/or mathematical professional training (a key element of PSM degrees).

• A report from Austin Peters Group Inc. in coordination with the Kansas Department of Labor and the Missouri Department of Labor found that the professional science field "shows the highest projected job growth on a percentage basis."

• The Brooking's Institute 2014 report states that "Greater Kansas City has a skilled workforce, but is not educating and retaining enough workers to meet future demand." It also notes "The region has not produced enough highly educated or STEM-qualified workers to keep pace with employers’ demand, and its ability to attract talent from elsewhere has diminished."

• According to a Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute report, Kansas City is currently being outperformed by similar cities in the growth of young, STEM-educated talent while the need continues to increase. Reinforcing the finding, KC Rising, a group focused on increasing regional prosperity, states that a challenge to reach its goals is that local demand for educated workers is exceeding supply, especially in STEM-related fields.

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Build Your Degree

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Answers To Your Questions

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This program is recognized as a PSM program, approved by the PSM National Office. See www.sciencemasters.com 

Admissions Guide

See a two-page pdf of the admissions requirements to this program.

PSM in Applied Science and Technology