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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Application Process


When should I apply?

The Professional Science Master's (PSM) program accepts and reviews admission applications year-round. You are encouraged to submit your application at least one month prior to the start of your desired entrance term.


What materials need to be submitted for a complete admission application?
  • Graduate School application
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts for all previous coursework
  • Statement of objectives

Please upload all supporting documents to the online Graduate School application. Please do not mail any documents.


What information should be included in the statement of objectives?

The statement of objectives is an important component of your application. Prepare a well-written statement and include your name on the top of the page. The statement should be a maximum of one page and should be uploaded to the application. Briefly describe your interest in the program, previous education and work experience in related areas, and your education and career goals.


What if I do not meet the minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA requirement?

Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement are still invited to apply. Students who do not meet the GPA requirement may be granted probationary acceptance. Probationary students are advised of deficiencies and of other conditions to be met to achieve full standing. For more information about probationary acceptance, please see the Graduate School handbook.


Are there any special requirements for international students?

Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL, scores or evidence of a degree from a U.S. university is required only if English is not your first language. Please see the Graduate School handbook for more information about TOEFL test scores. 


What happens after I submit my application materials?

When all of the required application documents are received, your file will be reviewed by an application committee composed of the graduate faculty. After the review of your application you will receive official notification from the Graduate School. If you are recommended for admission, an academic advisor will be identified to support you and you will receive information on enrollment.

About the Program and Enrollment 


What courses do I need to take before entering the Professional Science Master's degree program?

The Professional Science Master's degree is designed to provide cross-disciplinary training and does not require a specific undergraduate major or any prerequisite coursework.


Is financial support available?

Yes, financial support is available and K-State Olathe offers two scholarships. Please visit the scholarships and financial assistance page for more information.

Still have questions?

PSM Specific Questions

Becky Stuteville
PSM Program Director

General Enrollment Questions

Kimberly Ramacciotti
Director of Student Services