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PSM External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board for the Professional Science Master's degree program or PSM, is made up of industry and community leaders interested in guiding the next generation of scientific professionals. 

The PSM requires 30 credit hours and is designed to give graduates a unique blend of advanced skills in STEM fields, the professional acumen needed for leadership positions and practical experiences. 

Role of the External Advisory Board

The Professional Science Master's National Office requires the PSM to have an active External Advisory Board, which is required to assist in: (1) clarifying program objectives; (2) Identifying expected learning and professional development outcomes; and (3) Ensuring that regional workforce needs will be met.

Why Consider Supporting the PSM?

  1. To shape curriculum to meet specific and immediate workforce needs.
  2. Contribute to workforce development through the graduates’ ability to manage and grow science and technology based industries.
  3. Play a key role in developing vital skills for regional and national competitiveness.
  4. Reciprocity, as there is a healthy flow of information/benefits to and from Advisory Board members and the university.

Expectations of Board Members

Members of the External Advisory Board are expected to:

  1. Make recommendations to help the program address employment and educational needs of business, industry and/or in-demand professions.
  2. Assist with program marketing and promotions, and serve as ambassadors and advocates.
  3. Identify and share opportunities and/or host opportunities for student capstone projects and experiences.
  4. Assist with placement of program graduates.
  5. Assist in the identification and recruitment of new board members
  6. Identify and recruit employers to:
    • Serve as guest lecturers/adjunct faculty
    • Mentor PSM faculty and students
      1. Keep faculty abreast of workforce needs
      2. Come to class/provide case studies
      3. Assist in the design of the capstone experience and provide supervision
    • Provide internships and subsequent jobs
    • Provide financial support, e.g. scholarships and/or tuition reimbursement for employees
    • Provide feedback

Current External Advisory Board Members

Dan Abitz, senior vice president and principal, George Butler Associates Inc.
• David Ashford, agricultural specialist, USDA-APHIS
• Timothy Carlson, human resources director, Bayer Healthcare - Animal Health
Wayne Carter, president and CEO, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute
Bernd Eichenmueller, Global Head Bioprocess Technology Shift,
   Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health
Ernst Heinen, head of drug evaluation and development, Aratana Therapeutics
• Emily McVey, director, KCADC Animal Health Corridor
Laurie Minard, vice president of human resources, Garmin 
Tom Mulligan, managing director, Coffman Group
Greg Musil, partner at Rouse Frets Gentile Rhodes LLC
Jeff Placek, CFO, McCownGordon Construction LLC
• Stacy Pursell, CEO/global executive recruiter, Executive Search Consultant/
   Veterinary Recruiter
Robert Regnier, chairman, president and CEO, Bank of Blue Valley
Joseph Sopcich, president, Johnson County Community College
• Larry Whipple, U.S. pricing and formulations manager, Cargill
• Wendee Woodson, human resources director, GBA