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Arts Advisory Committee

Early on in the planning process of its first building, the K-State Olathe team knew it wanted to include art that was tasteful, interesting and reminiscent of Kansas and the animal health and food safety industries. To guarantee that it ended up with such a selection, the university established an arts advisory committee.

During 2010-2011, the group spent a significant amount of time meeting and reviewing potential works of art. The architecture firm 360 Architecture identified areas that would be functionally and aesthetically ideal for art placement and reviewed possible pieces. Several works of art were donated.

Those interested in contributing other pieces may contact K-State Olathe at 913-541-1220 and olatheinfo@k-state.edu.





The Arts Advisory Committee assists K-State Olathe with the ongoing selection, placement, and care of significant works of art that are relevant to animal health and food safety and integral to the building and grounds.