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Workshops and Seminars

K-State Olathe hosts professional workshops and seminars that connect the classroom to the workplace. These sessions are designed to advance career potential by helping build crucial skills. Our experts use the latest technologies, innovations, techniques and research to provide information and strategies that are focused on real-world application.

In addition, the K-State Olathe team is available to customize training for your organization so that it meets your unique needs. A tailored workshop or seminar will provide an opportunity for your professionals to enhance their skills and engage with experts from Kansas State University as well as the industry. Discover how our team collaborates with you to provide professional education that gives your organization the edge. 

Professional development sessions

Continuing education for veterinary medicine

Veterinary Medicine CE

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians and practice managers are invited to earn continuing education credit by attending one or more animal health-focused information sessions at K-State Olathe. Each session is from 6-7 p.m. at the K-State Olathe campus.  

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Professional development seminars

 "One Health: It's all connected!"

Presenter: Paige Adams, DVM, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor at K-State Olathe

Recorded March 9, 2016, at K-State Olathe. 

"Why Pursue a Master's Degree from the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program?"

Presenters: Deandra Cassone, associate professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering at K-State Olathe, and Brad Kramer, department head of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering at K-State.

Recorded Dec. 10, 2015, at K-State Olathe.



Customize your skills

Angela Buzard
Angela Buzard
Manager, Training and Development