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Urban Water Institute Candidates

The following candidates for the position of Program Coordinator for the Urban Water Institute will be interviewed January 17 at K-State Olathe, and January 18 at the main campus in Manhattan.  All university faculty, staff and interested students are encouraged to attend.

Click here for the position description.


Joan Leavens

Resume - Archived presentation - Survey


Shari Wilson

Resume - Archived presentation - Survey


The K-State Urban Water Institute brings together industry, researchers, policy makers, advocates, and educators to identify and develop solutions for complex cross-disciplinary and cross-boundary concerns related to urban water sustainability. The Institute facilitates industry- and agency-identified research, development and implementation of water-related projects by engaging teams of practitioners, researchers, educators and students across Kansas and the 4-state region.  

The mission of the Urban Water Institute is to promote treatment technologies, management approaches, and public policy that support sustainable water use in urban and urbanizing communities. Institute activities focus on creating lasting positive impacts in urban environments through urban water resource development and water quality improvement. The Institute accomplishes its mission through research and development, education and training, technology transfer, outreach, and service to society.