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Jackie Spears

Assoc Dean Jackie SpearsDr. Jackie Spears is a professor of curriculum and instruction and director of the Center for Science Education in the College of Education at Kansas State University in Manhattan.  As Interim Associate Dean at K-State Olathe, she works with the K-State Olathe team to implement the strategic goals identified by the K-State 2025 planning process.

Specific responsibilities include planning, promoting, and administering academic programs, with priority on the five initial graduate degree programs announced in 2012. She also will develop and implement proposed programs, implement and managing all credit and noncredit educational programs, and provide leadership for the coordinated process of hiring faculty.

Her current research interests include increasing the participation of individuals from underrepresented populations in STEM fields -- science, technology, engineering and mathematics -- and developing strategies to integrate contemporary STEM research into high school science classrooms. Spears and collaborators currently work on projects funded by the National Science Foundation: two GK-12 projects, a research project focused on student math placement in moving from high school to postsecondary education, and projects linking climate change research with K-12 education. She also works on a Kansas Board of Regents STEM teacher development initiative.

Jackie can be reached at jdspears@k-state.edu or at (913) 307-7313.