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K-State Olathe

Outdoor Patio - Deck

Outdoor Patio Deck

The deck is a great location for a reception or banquet. It is on the 2nd floor just off the classroom hallway. The Patio faces east and overlooks our landscaping, gardens and pond. (1715 sq. ft.)

Room Rates are based on the reserved time. All set up and tear down must fall within the 4 or 8 hour rented time.

Click here to see the rate sheet.*

Room Setup         Capacity

Reception                  150

Banquet                    105

  • Patio Tables, Chairs and Umbrellas
  • 54" Banquet Tables (Seats 7) and Chairs
  • Wifi

If you are interested in hosting an event in our facility, please contact Mary Partridge, 913-307-7307,