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2016 Lecture Series

Careers and Cases in Veterinary Medicine


Lecture Topic

09/09/15Dr. Michael DrydenFleas and Ticks
09/23/15Dr. Paige AdamsEmerging Infectious Diseases - When Animal and Human Worlds CollideView
10/07/15Dr. Mary Lynn HigginbothamCancer Diagnosis and TreatmentView
10/21/15Dr. Meena KumariAlcohol and the Brain
11/18/15Dr. Bonnie RushEmergency Medicine for HorsesView
01/20/16Dr. April HaynesA Day in the Life of a SurgeonView
02/03/16 Dr. Micah KohlesExotic Animal Medicine and SurgeryView
02/17/16 Dr. Kelli AlmesVeterinary Pathology NA 
03/09/16 Dr. Susan Nelson First Aid for Pets View
03/23/16 Dr. Matt Meisner Critical Care for CalvesView
04/06/16 Dr. Raelene WoudaCancer Treatment for Our Pets View 
04/20/16 Dr. Sally DavisLicensed for Curiosity - How I Became an Investigative Veterinary PathologistView