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Kelly Ranallo

Kelly RanalloFounder/President, Turner Syndrome Global Alliance and Founder of RareKC

Kelly Ranallo is the founder/president of the Turner Syndrome Global Alliance, or TSGA.

Ranallo has a teenage daughter who was diagnosed with Turner syndrome in 2006 and was inspired to join the nonprofit world to advocate for girls, women and families with Turner syndrome.

In partnership with Children’s Mercy Kansas City through her position on the Family Advisory Board, Ranallo set about building a Turner Syndrome Clinic from within the hospital to address the unmet needs of families in and around the Midwest. The Great HeighTS Clinic opened in 2010 and has since become a national model for providing comprehensive services to girls and families living with Turner syndrome.

As a globally recognized rare disease advocate, Ranallo went on to co-found the RareKC Project in 2016 — a citywide effort to bring awareness and create collaborative solutions to the unique challenges faced by the rare disease community.

As the recipient of the Global Genes Champion of Hope in Advocacy collaboration, RareKC has become a nationally recognized model of collaboration to advance care and medical innovation for the more than 7,000 identified rare diseases.

In 2016, Ranallo accepted a position with a leading rare disease biotech company in order to better understand the roles of all stakeholders. Her unique perspective as both a patient advocate as well as a health care entrepreneur has built collaborative innovation around health care delivery systems and new treatment development.