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Barbara Bichelmeyer

Barbara BichelmeyerInterim Chancellor and Provost, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Dr. Barbara Bichelmeyer serves as interim chancellor and provost at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, or UMKC.

Prior to joining UMKC in August 2015, Dr. Bichelmeyer held several roles at Indiana University, including executive associate vice president for University Academic Affairs and senior director of the Office of Online Education. She also spent a year as interim chancellor of Indiana University Southeast, in the Louisville metropolitan area.

Dr. Bichelmeyer's research and grant-activities are focused on the study of how educational systems integrate new technologies and how the introduction of new technologies change educational systems in order to better support student-centered learning and improved human performance. She has served as a consultant for the design, development and evaluation of instructional programs and performance improvement initiatives with numerous organizations.

Dr. Bichelmeyer holds four degrees from the University of Kansas: B.S. in journalism; B.A. in English; M.S. in educational policy and administration; and a Ph.D in educational communications and technology.