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Food Science

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Food Science program at K-State Olathe provides cutting-edge training in developing, processing, manufacturing, and marketing safe, wholesome, and attractive food products. The curriculum focuses on the microbiology of food, principles of HACCP, quality assurance of food products, food analysis, and advanced food chemistry. Moreover, The Institute of Food Technologists recognizes Kansas State University as having "the most comprehensive" food science program in the United States.

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Admissions requirements

See a list of the admissions requirements for this graduate degree program. 

How can the Master of Science in Food Science benefit my career?

Graduates are needed to manage and supervise sophisticated food manufacturing industries, as well as work in quality assurance, food chemistry, food microbiology, food safety, process technology and engineering, business management and sales, product development and evaluation, consumer relations, advertising and promotion, technical services, and research and development. The majority of students enrolled in the program are seeking advanced training to become top level scientists and senior level administrators.

What is the job market like for Food Scientists?

Individuals with the knowledge and experience to work in rapidly changing food science fields are in high demand. Food science graduates are in demand — often there are not enough qualified applicants to fill open positions!

How flexible is the Food Science program at K-State Olathe and can I work full-time?

Students will be able to take a mix of online and on-ground courses while working full-time.

Time to complete the Master of Science in Food Science program at K-State Olathe?

A minimum of 30 semester hours of credit is required for completion of the thesis or report track option. Students can customize their degree and take up to 14 elective hours in their interest areas. Most students complete their degree in around 2 years.

Whom do I contact to learn more?

To learn more about the admission requirements and application deadlines, J. Scott Smith, chair of the food science graduate program, at jsschem@k-state.edu.


Food Science Prof Sara Gragg
Sara Gragg, assistant professor of food science

Program brochure

Food Science cover

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