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Jishu Shi

Jishu Shi, K-State Olathe professorDr. Shi serves as a faculty member for the College of Veterinary Medicine, and is also the Director the US-China Center for Animal Health, and the Special Assistant to the Provost for China Affairs at Kansas State University.

Prior to his work at K-State, Dr. Shi served as a senior research scientist for Pfizer following his post-doctoral fellowship at UCLA. He began his university teaching career at Auburn University.

PhD, Immunophysiology, Kansas State University, 1995
MS, Veterinary Immunology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 1988
DVM, Beijing Agricultural University, 1985

Research Interests
  • Novel adjuvants and strategies for vaccines targeting porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, classical swine fever virus, swine influenza virus, and avian influenza virus. 
  • Molecular mechanisms of IL-1beta release from macrophages.
Publications/Scholarly Work

Li, X., A. Galliher-Beckley, J.C. Nietfeld, H. Huang, X. Sun, and J. Shi. 2013. Peptide nanofiber hydrogel adjuvanted live virus vaccine enhances cross-protective immunity to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Vaccine 31:4508-4515.

Galliher-Beckley, A., L. Lan, S. Aono, L. Wang, and J. Shi. 2013. Caspase-1 activation and mature interleukin-1β release are uncoupled events in monocytes. World Journal of Biological Chemistry 4(2): 30-34.  

Li, X., A. Galliher-Beckley, J.C. Nietfeld, K.S. Faaberg, and J. Shi. 2013. MontanideTM Gel01 ST Adjuvant Enhances PRRS Modified Live Vaccine Efficacy by Regulating Porcine Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses.  World Journal of Vaccines 3:1-9.

Li, Y., Wang, L., L. Pappan, A. Beckly, and J. Shi.  2012. IL-1β promotes stemness and invasiveness of colon cancer cells through Zeb1 activation.  Molecular Cancer 11:87* (*Highly Accessed).

Wang, L., Z. Liu, Y., Li, L. Pappan, A. Beckly, and J. Shi. 2012. IL-1β promotes the development of intestinal epithelial stem cells. Inflammation Research, 61:1085-1092.

Zhou, Z., X. Li, Q. Liu, D. Hu, X. Yue, J. Ni, X. Yu, X. Zhai, A. Galliher-Beckley, N. Chen, J. Shi, and K. Tian. 2012. Complete genome sequence of two novel Chinese virulent porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus variants. Journal of Virology, 86:6373-6374.

Dr. Shi can be reached jshi@vet.k-state.edu or (913) 307-7356. 

View his CV (pdf)