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Brian Lubbers

K-State Olathe Microbial Surveillance Lab Brian LubbersAs Director of the Microbial Surveillance Lab at K-State Olathe, Brian oversees the day-to-day case management of bacterial and fungal diagnostic specimens.  The lab receives specimens from practitioners for pathogen identification and susceptibility testing as part of a partnership with Merck Animal Health.


DVM, Kansas State University
PhD, Kansas State University
Diplomate ACVCP

Research Interests
  • Collaborative research projects with investigators within the College of Veterinary Medicine and animal health industries.
  • Therapy of bacterial infections in food animals and antimicrobial resistance development.
Publications/Scholarly Work

Lubbers, BV, Peterson, G, Narayanan, SK, Havel, J, Apley, MD. Comparison of two simulated oxytetracycline dosing regimens and the impact on horizontal transfer of a resistance plasmid. AJVR. 2011;72(7):877-883.

Lubbers, BV, Apley, MD, Coetzee, JF, Mosier, DA, Biller, DS, Mason, DE, Henao-Guerrero, PN: Use of computed tomography to evaluate pathologic changes in the lungs of calves with experimentally induced respiratory tract disease. AJVR. 2007;68(11):1259-1264.

Coetzee, JF, Lubbers, BV, Toerber, SE, Gehring, R, Thomson, DU, White, BJ and Apley, MD: Plasma concentrations of substance P and cortisol in beef calves after castration or simulated castration. AJVR. 2008;69(6):751-762.

Coetzee, JF, Gehring, R, Bettenhausen, AC, Lubbers, BV, Toerber, SE, Thomson, DU, KuKanich, B and Apley, MD: Attenuation of acute plasma cortisol response in calves following intravenous sodium salicylate administration prior to castration. JVPT. 2007;30(4):305-313.

Dr. Lubbers can be reached blubbers@k-state.edu, (785) 532-4012 (Manhattan) or (913) 307-7388 (Olathe).